WanderausstellungA Traveling Exhibition about the life of Franz Stock and the repercussions on the German-French reconciliation was completed in the year of 2002. It is multicolored, bilingual (German/French) and comprises 34 poster boards, each 50 x 70 cm.

The exhibition was financed by those who had been in Chartres (the former seminarists-prisonners of war of the „Seminary behind barbed wire“). This exhibition is France. A second dedicated to one was constructed by the Franz-Stock-Committee, available for temporary use in Germany.

Both can be borrowed. You are invited to talk with us. The one designated for exhibitions in Germany can be obtained by the Franz-Stock-Committee in Arnsberg, the one for France by the Association Française Les Amis de Franz Stock.

Already in the year of 1992 an identical permanent exhibition had been opened in the medieval Fresekenhof in Arnsberg-Neheim. Further information can be obtained, on the Website of the Franz-Stock-Committee for Germany.