This is the mutual Internet Portal for two Franz-Stock commitees in France and Germany.


Abbé Franz Stock - Biography of Life

Abbé Franz StockFranz Stock (21 September 1904, Neheim – 24 February 1948, Paris) was a German Roman Catholic priest. He is known for ministering to prisoners in France during World War II, and to German prisoners of war in the years following. "Abbé Franz Stock – that is no name, it is a program!“ Nuntius Roncalli, who became later Pope John XXIII. said this on February 28, 1948, when carrying out consecration of the deceased.

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Franz Stock - a video portrait

FFS Video Dranz Stock - a video portrait (18 min.) This video will give the viewer an overview of both Franz Stock's life, as well as of his peace aiming actions.

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Process of Beatification

stock informativprozess webOn Saturday, November 14 th, 2009 the proceedings of beatification of Franz Stock (1904 – 1948) were opened in the Parish Church St. John the Baptist in Arnsberg-Neheim.

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Actualités - Les Amis de Franz Stock

Aktuelles - Franz-Stock-Komitee

VDFG / FAFAThe Franz Stock associations are cooperating with VDFG / FAFA. Vereinigung Deutsch-Französischer Gesellschaften für Europa e.V. (VDFG) is an association working in a supra-partisan and interdenominational way, having its French counterpart in the Associations Franco-Allemandes pour l´Europe (FAFA).

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